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Subscription Gifts

Subscription gifts are becoming more and more popular and magazines make an ideal present that just keeps giving. Here at Great Magazines we have a wide variety of magazines so we know there is something for everyone. If you get stuck, we also have our own gift card so your recipient can choose for themselves.

Some of our subscription offers even come with an introductory welcome gift to add to the enjoyment of receiving the ideal present. With every gift subscription you have the option to send a free e-card to really make it special.


delivery included
delivery included
delivery included
delivery included


We've got a whole range of eCard creatives for you to choose from, whether you are gifting for a Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Christmas, you can choose which message you want to send.

In order to send an eCard to someone special, you will need to select 'Yes' to 'Is this a gift' when you are on the product page. Once you have added the product to your basket/cart and go through to checkout, you'll find the option to provide your recipients email address in order to send them an eCard.

Once you have completed the checkout, at the last stage you will have the option to choose an eCard from an array of creatives which you can send to your recipient on a date of your choice.

ECard Example
Ecard Step 2
happy birthday
happy christmas
happy father's day

Benefits of subscribing

  • Easy to order online!
  • Big selection of titles, there's something for everyone
  • No shopping crowds - Shop online
  • Free e-Card with every order when you specify it's a gift
  • Choose the delivery date to start before or after the occasion

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Get a bargain with our Subscription Packs!

Let them enjoy a range of magazines throughout the year with our subscription packs - where you can purchase multiple magazines within the same subscription. Lower payments are available so they are all affordable and you'll save money too!  

Join our communities

Our magazines are at the heart of some amazing challenges, all that help support your physical or mental health. If you know someone who is a keen walker, runner, hiker or bird watcher, then take a look at our magazines below...

Bird Watching

#My200BirdYear is a fun and easy challenge to encourage you to see more birds than ever. You don’t need any fancy equipment, although a pair of binoculars does help, you can do it by yourself, with a friend or with a total stranger! 

Country Walking

#walk1000miles created by the UK's biggest-selling walkers' magazine, Country Walking. It encourages you to walk about an hour a day to achieve an amazing total of 1000 miles a year. Believe it or not, you can do it in your lunch hour.


Mountains for the Mind is a new campaign from Trail magazine promoting the benefits of being outside. We believe in the power of the mountains to change lives and improve mental health – and we need your help to spread the word

Trail Running

#run1000miles is the new fitness challenge that provides instant stress relief, helps strengthen your joints and does wonders for your heart. The goal is to run 20 miles a week - that's all it takes to accomplish running 1000 miles in a year.

Exclusive subscriber clubs

When you purchase a subscription to Yours or Model Rail, subscribers will be able to get exclusive access to extra content with our reward clubs - something extra they can enjoy along with their magazine subscription.

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