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Save money on your summer read with our new subscription bundles. Don’t want to have to choose between magazines? You don’t have to; our subscription bundles means you get to subscribe to your favourite magazines at the same time, plus you save more when you buy them together. We have a wide selection of subscription bundles, and to make things easier on the wallet, you can pay monthly.


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A subscription bundle gives you the chance to subscribe to 2 or more magazines at the same time at a discounted price. Some of our bundles are a mixture of bi-monthly, monthly and weekly magazines, which means on some weeks you'll receive them separately.


Your subscription bundle will start from the next available issue.


Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we can only offer the set bundles that are available above. However, we are always interested in hearing your feedback, so if you would like to make a suggestion, please do not hesisitate to email us at:

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Great Magazines is owned and managed by Bauer Media, the UK magazine publisher, so you can trust us! We own some of the best UK magazines around, such as Empire, Grazia, MOJO and many more. We'll always do our very best to make sure your order goes through smoothly and we're always on hand to manage your order at every step of the journey, including changing your address, renewing your subscription and much more.

Great Magazines offers a variety of magazine subscriptions and products, such as single magazine copies and back issues, special issues, subscription bundles as well as single digital issues and digital magazine subscriptions. We offer a small but diverse range of single print back issues on big household brands including Empire magazine, Grazia magazine, CAR magazine, Mojo magazine and Q magazine.

Our great magazine offers come with special discounts and we also sometimes offer our UK magazine customers subscription gifts.

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