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That's Life and Take a Break Weekly Bundle

Get both of your favourite weekly Real Life Magazines in one convenient subscription.  Subscribing will ensure that both of these magazines will be delivered straight to your door(Free of Charge) every week, hassle free.

Take A Break Weekly is Britain’s best-selling women’s magazine that’s all about you and your life. Each week we share your compelling true-life stories, the latest health, fashion and beauty tips, plus cookery and travel. Don’t miss our exciting competitions with fabulous must-win prizes. 

That’s life! is a magazine for our readers, by our readers. Forget fiction, it’s your lives that are fascinating. That’s why every issue is jam-packed with your incredible true stories. You’ll be shocked and moved by tales of love and laughter, friendship and betrayal, murder and miracles. It’s safe to say that’s life! is where you’ll find the stories that no other magazine dares to tell

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That's Life and Take a Break Weekly Bundle