MOJO The Collectors' Series: Depeche Mode Essentials - SOLD OUT


MOJO The Collectors’ Series: Depeche Mode Essentials

MOJO’s definitive guide to Depeche Mode’s albums, songs, films and books.

As Depeche Mode’s epic world tour to promote 2023’s universally acclaimed Memento Mori album draws to a close, MOJO is delighted to present Depeche Mode Essentials, our indispensable guide to the dark electro-rockers’ music, films and books.

Written by our team of experts, this deluxe 132-page bookazine steers readers through every Depeche Mode release – album by album, song by song – beginning with their debut single Dreaming Of Me in February 1981 and concluding with last year’s powerful and poignant Memento Mori. In between we re-evaluate the group’s 14 other studio albums, celebrating the noirish genius of their first big international smashes, Music For The Masses (1987), Violator (1990) and Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993), while also delving deep into lesser-appreciated works, such as their transitionary second LP A Broken Frame (1982) and analogue synth-driven Sounds Of The Universe (2009). We also appraise their live albums, compilations, remix collections and solo projects, as well as recommend the best Depeche Mode documentaries and literature.

The group’s 44-year career hasn’t been without its fair share of drama, of course – singer Dave Gahan’s near-fatal overdose; Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder’s sudden departures; chief songwriter Martin Gore’s creative struggles; Andy Fletcher’s unexpected and devastating death in 2022. To shed more light on these pivotal events, we’ve also included the finest in-depth features and interviews from MOJO’s extensive archives.

Beautifully illustrated with sleeve artwork and rare and iconic photographs, Depeche Mode Essentials is a must-have for all fans of the group and music connoisseurs.

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MOJO The Collectors' Series: Depeche Mode Essentials - SOLD OUT