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Women's Magazines

At Great Magazines, we've got a great range of women's magazines suitable for everyone. For the fashion savvy lady Grazia Magazine  delivers everything your need to stay current with the hottest trends straight from the catwalk. If you're looking for a celebrity and gossip magazine for women, Heat and Closer magazines will overload you on who’s doing what with whom; and for women looking to take life on a more spiritual keel with some excellent crafting and home-baking in the mix – Top Sante, LandScape and Yours magazines answer all your questions. New mum or mum-to-be? We've got Mother and Baby Magazine to guide you through. 

heat Magazine

heat brings you the best in entertainment and celebrity news. The weekly magazine famous for its unique sense of humour and attention to celebrity detail. heat is available as a print or digital magazine.
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Grazia Magazine

Have you got your Grazia? Grazia is Britain’s first, weekly glossy magazine for women bringing you the latest fashion, news, views (and shoes!) every week.

Grazia is available as a print or digital magazine.
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Closer Magazine

Combining the news, gossip, glamour and gloss of the celebrity world with compelling real-life content, Closer gets to the heart of the story and brings you the depth and truth behind the headlines. Closer is available as a print or digital magazine.
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Top Sante Magazine

The magazine for the body and health conscious woman. Top Sante magazine is the expert health magazine women can trust. Dedicated to health, psychology, anti-ageing, diet and nutrition. Top Sante is available as a print or digital magazine.
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LandScape Magazine

LandScape magazine shares an enjoyment of the countryside and nature, seasonal gardening and the satisfaction of growing and cooking our own food.
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Mother and Baby Magazine

The UK’s Number 1 Pregnancy and Baby Magazine. Mother and Baby magazine is the pregnancy and baby magazine for modern mothers. Mother and Baby is available as a print or digital magazine.
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Yours Magazine

The read of your life every fortnight!. Yours magazine is Britain’s leading magazine for the over-50s. It’s a friendly community where you can share stories and laughter, and find all kinds of advice.
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Fate & Fortune

Take a Break's Fate & Fortune is a must-have mystic mag specialising in horoscopes, advice from top UK mediums, psychics plus more!
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Fiction Feast

If you love a good story, then Take a Break's Fiction Feast magazine is ideal for you. Crammed full of easy to read, addictive stories of all genres and lengths, just find a quiet corner and relax with Fiction Feast every month.
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Spirit & Destiny

If you're a big astrology fan, then our Spirit & Destiny magazine may just be for you. Filled with magical features on feng shui, psychic matters, health & fitness as well as 7 pages of detailed monthly horoscopes to guide you through the month.
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