Trout & Salmon March 2021


Imagine every cast with Fin Wilson as he fishes one of Scotland’s most sought-after salmon beats

River Wear angler Frank Bell shares cherished memories

Jon Beer recounts an extraordinary fishing trip to the Highlands

Wimbleball Lake is making a comeback, as Toby Coe discovered14 Finlay Wilson celebrates one of our oldest fishing hotels


Chris McCully explores a pair of attractive trout lakes in Norfolk run by a forward-thinking club

Trouting in rural Westmorland with Paul Procter

West Highland salmon-fisher John MacIsaac talks to Jim Coates

Don Stazicker tries a novel nymphing technique on the Derbyshire Wye

Paul Procter stalks the clear waters of Hampshire’s lovely River Anton


Peter Cockwill revisits his Cornish roots at Innis Trout Fishery

Our expert team help you get more from your stillwater fishing

Invicta FFC member Joan Russell selects three of her favourite flies

Andrew Flitcroft explains what makes the top ten per cent of anglers so successful


Few trout can resist the charm of Rob Denson’s Crippled Goat

Icelandic guide Guðmundur Atli Ásgeirsson shares six of his surefire patterns

The Eany Tailfire offers movement and stability, says Ross Macdonald

100 New tackle for 2021

104 The latest fly-tying products

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Trout & Salmon March 2021