that's life! Crime Scene - Issue 5: May/June 2021

Can you imagine being trapped in a mountain hut, miles from civilisation, alone with your rapist father? Sadly, this was the reality for Elishaba. Her dad wanted to have his wicked way with her, all in the name of God. You can read her shocking story on in your new issue of that’s life! Crime Scene.

Plus, when local women started to go missing, Shauna realised her neighbour was having visitors, who never left — would her curtain twitching reveal something disturbing?

And outside, it’s good to see the weather warming up, but our latest issue shows how cooling off can land you in a lot of hot water!

As always, this month’s issue is packed with loads more brand-new true-life crime stories, tales of famous people behaving

disgracefully, gripping fiction, a TV guide, and of course puzzles and prizes. You can win cash, or even a night in the UK’s scariest prison — it promises to be spook-tacular!

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that's life! Crime Scene - Issue 5: May/June 2021