that's life! Crime Scene 4

In life, we place our trust in many figures of authority, from teachers to doctors to the police.

But lately, the boys in blue have got a very bad rap. In your latest issue of Crime Scene, hear about the

law-makers turned law-breakers. It’s all very worrying, — if you can’t trust the police, then who can you trust?

Talking of broken trust, on p32, read the story of Alisha Moy, whose life was ruined by baked beans. What the heck had her boyfriend done? There are these, and many more brand-new real-life crime stories inside. Plus make sure you turn to our TV guide for the best crime shows this spring.

There’s also our unique quiz on what crime you’re most likely to commit, plus loads of fun puzzles with prizes. Our top prize this week is a 50-inch smart TV — perfect for watching all your favourite crime dramas. Enjoy!

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that's life! Crime Scene 4