that's life! Crime Scene 3 - Mar 22

If you’ve been a victim of crime, it will likely be etched on your memory. But if something terrible has happened and you have no memory of it at all, is it a blessing or a curse?

When teenager Alex woke from a coma, he couldn’t remember anything about his life. It was left to this twin, Marcus, to fill in the blanks. But what years of torment was Marcus hiding from Alex?

Their story is so gripping, it was made into a Netflix documentary. You can read it first inside this latest issue of Crime Scene.

We also reveal the crime novelists who gained inspiration for their books from skeletons hiding in their own closets!

Plus read about the women who pretended to be victims of crime. Would they ever get found out for crying wolf?

There’s all this and more inside, including our crime-themed puzzles and cash prizes.


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that's life! Crime Scene 3 - Mar 22