that's life! Crime Scene 5

What happened to Jemima when she was forced into a sex cult? What would Shahin do when her friend was brutally murdered? And did teenage cheerleader Skylar murder her newborn baby?

You can be minding your own business, but trouble can be hiding around the corner, and that couldn’t be truer for Catherine Renton. She popped to her local Spar and got a whiff of the stinky shopkeeper — he smelt of rotting flesh, which was no wonder when he was hiding something gruesome nearby.

Talking of dark secrets, we share new findings about Fred and Rose West. Plus, read about the shocking fates of a schoolgirl, a teenage daughter and a newborn baby. You won’t believe the people responsible for their disappearances. And don’t forget to check out your HORRORscopes for the year ahead.

Your new 2020 issue of that’s life! Crime Scene is bursting with real-life crime, as well as fantastic prizes — including a 49-inch smart TV, a home security kit and cash.

It really is dead good!

that's life! Crime Scene 5