Take a Break Pets - Issue 9: Nov 2021



To your November issue!


Fireworks season is upon us. But while we may ooh and aah at the colourful explosions lighting up the night sky, they can be far from enjoyable for our animal chums.

Theresa McGailey found this out first-hand when her spooked pooch scarpered amid Bonfire Night celebrations. Pick up a copy to read all about her dramatic rescue mission to get Uno home and for tips on preparing your pet for the whizzes and bangs and keeping them safe during displays.

Elsewhere in the issue you’ll find fantastic puzzles and prizes – including the chance to win a pet-friendly holiday, exclusive discounts on big brands, your adorable pet photos and biscuit recipes to bake for your dog.

Plus, it wouldn’t be Take a Break Pets without extraordinary true-life tales. Get settled on the settee, then discover how two heroic horses kept Sarah Stephens going throughout her cancer battle. Then see how a goat stole the show at Corrie Gren’s wedding. And Zoe Willingham tells how she ended up sharing her home with over 70 critters!

If that wasn’t enough, find out if your cat’s psychic with our fun quiz, add a sprinkle of animal magic to your living room with our interior picks and learn about the furry and feathered friends that inspired historical figures.

We hope you enjoy!



Take a Break Pets - Issue 9: Nov 2021