Take a Break Pets - Issue 7: Sept 2021

Many of us have welcomed the pitter-patter of little paws into our homes in recent months. If you’ve got a new four-legged family member, we’ve got you covered.

Puss parents can learn how to best introduce their cat to an unfamiliar environment and ensure they’ve got everything they need for them to thrive with our essential guide. Meanwhile, dog owners can spoil their pooch by rustling them up a sweet treat with our pup-friendly recipes.

As usual, our resident vet and trainer are on hand to offer top tips on keeping your pet happy and healthy. Elsewhere you’ll find fun fiction, exclusive discounts, your brilliant brainwaves and the best true-life animal tales.

Discover the remarkable trick Teresa Neville’s guinea pig can do, how Rachael Kirby’s nine Jack Russells inspired an unusual career change and all about the alter ego of Alicia Taylor’s duck!

Plus, find out how to throw your pet a pamper party, uncover their true nature with our fun quiz and help them stay safe and sound as we enter a new season with our autumnal advice.

Take a Break Pets - Issue 7: Sept 2021