Take a Break Pets - Issue 4: May 2021

As the weather gets warmer, many of us will be spending more time outside with our four-legged friends. But whether it’s pottering in the garden with your cat, or exploring new walks with your dog, it’s important your pet stays safe when they’re out in the sunshine.

That’s why, alongside our true-life tales, puzzles and prizes, we’ve included tips on how to ensure your pet keeps happy and healthy as we head into hotter days.

Help your pooch chill out with our pick of the best cooling clothing or treat your fur baby to a frozen treat with our ice lolly recipes. Then read all about the latest pet tech, which includes a fountain that monitors your moggy’s water intake (there’s also a chance to win one!).

Elsewhere you’ll find uplifting real-life stories. See how a Dalmatian transformed Joanne Dower’s family,  Simone Partner explains why her piggy has got her through lockdown and Leanne Hinton reveals all about her hamster’s extraordinary adventure.

As usual, our resident vet and behaviourist share their expert advice. Plus, decode your cat’s quirks on, learn about the animals who changed the world, discover your next pet-away destination and find out how to include an animal in your big day.

With reader discounts, quizzes, fiction, and loads more, it’s time to crack in!


Take a Break Pets - Issue 4: May 2021