Take a Break Pets Apr/May

Welcome to your APRIL issue!

We all want to provide our pets with everything they need to live their best possible lives. But sometimes it can be difficult to know if we’re succeeding in every way.

If you want to ensure your pooch is thriving, we share science-backed advice on making your dog happy. From their diet to their sleep and play, our guide aims to make your pup content in every aspect of their day-to-day life.

Putting a smile on your four-legged friend’s face needn’t cost the earth either. Discover economical and eco-friendly ways to treat your cat.

Elsewhere, alongside our expert vet and trainer advice, you’ll find our review of the latest books for animal lovers, cracking competitions, exclusive discounts off top brands and feel-good fiction.

There are loads of incredible real-life tales inside too. Learn why a tortoise stalled Ericka Johnson’s wedding day, read how a neighbourhood came together to help Zoe Springate’s bird-loving boy and discover the special way Megan Marshall is saying goodbye to her furry bestie.

Plus, reveal your doggy alter ego with our fun quiz, gawp at the world’s richest pets, then put your feet up with our bumper puzzle section from.


Take a Break Pets Apr/May