TaB Pets - Issue 2: March 2021

Here at Take a Break Pets we know how animals become part of the family. Their health and happiness are of utmost importance. With that in mind, we’ve filled our March issue with advice on how to ensure your pet thrives.

Learn how to better understand your pooch’s needs with our guide to reading their body language, then follow our resident vet and trainer’s expert guidance on all things pet wellbeing related.

Elsewhere you’ll find incredible real-life stories. Discover why Jenny Pogue’s Dalmatian became a foster mum to a kindle of kittens, find out about Diana McChesney’s eggs-traordinary hen party antics and read how a plucky pigeon took Sophie Pipera’s life in an unexpected direction.

Plus, work out whether your cat’s purr-sonality is affected by their star sign, uncover what small furry is right for you, reacquaint yourself with iconic soap opera pets and refresh your home with our animal-inspired homewares.

With exclusive reader discounts, your pet brainwaves and photos, pup fashion, fiction, puzzles and so much more, this is a must-read for all animal lovers!

TaB Pets - Issue 2: March 2021