Steam Railway Issue 533

As Britain is going through a heatwave, we find out how our heritage railways are tackling the risk of lineside fires in this edition of Steam Railway. Speaking to some of the biggest preserved railways, we discover what measures they are taking to prevent lineside fires and what impact current coal supplies are having, as well as the effect the hot weather is having on steam services.
We also go behind the scenes at the Cambrian Heritage Railways as this up-and-coming preserved line continues to make headway after recently opening its extension, and we get the latest on the restoration of ‘4F’ No. 44123 at the Avon Valley Railway. Elsewhere, we celebrate 50 years of the Bala Lake Railway with rare archive views of this Welsh narrow gauge gem; Top Link returns as we analyse ‘A4’ Sir Nigel Gresley’s return to the main line and compare it with its inaugural run in 1967; wagon restorer Philip Herrick discusses the future of heritage goods vehicles, while ‘Odd Spots’ focuses on a fireless locomotive preserved in deepest Suffolk.
As always, we bring you the latest news from across the world of steam railway preservation, with incisive comment and analysis from industry leaders and respected railway journalists, backed up stunning photography from some of preservation’s finest lensmen.

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Steam Railway Issue 533