Spirit & Destiny September 2021

Welcome September, for us, has always been a time of year to take a moment, reflect on what has gone before in the last eight months and realign, ready for the remainder of the year.

We’ve got it covered in this month’s issue, from practical ways to stamp out negative self-talk and techniques for banishing anxiety and living fearlessly, to how to make positive changes in your life through the art of magical thinking. And receive an Amethyst Tree as your welcome gift!

We also have an exclusive interview with the Instagram yoga sensation Jessamyn Stanley and explore the best self-care bathing traditions from around the world to help take your bathtime to the next level.

Plus, we talk to Hannah Lois who endured six car crashes and a lifetime of bad luck before realising the spirit world was trying to speak to her!

Now doesn’t that give us all something to stop and think about?

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Spirit & Destiny September 2021