Spirit & Destiny November 2021

Now, I am sure all of you at some point or another when disclosing your spiritual beliefs, have had them described as ‘woo woo’! Frustrating, right? That people are so quick to dismiss our thinking as ‘out there’. Which is why, in this

month’s issue, we’re exploring the science behind the spiritual tools and views we hold so dearly, with the help of author David Hamilton.

Crystals, meditation, visualisation, reiki… David is here to prove they aren’t all psychobabble!

One person who can vouch for the power of happiness is Kash Desai. Read his story on how in healing himself he has now made it his mission to inspire others and make the world a better place with the Happy Club.

We also explore how to live gracefully – the ability to appreciate and celebrate yourself and stop feeling energetically hungover all the time. Let’s start right here, shall we?

Remember, you and your beliefs are valued and if there’s one place you can be yourself, it’s here. Welcome to your tribe!

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Spirit & Destiny November 2021