Spirit & Destiny May 2022

If ever there was an issue that embraced the feeling of a season, this is it!

May is here, spring is well and truly in the air, and we’re ready to show you how nature, in all its many glories, can help nurture you inside and out.

For a start, we look at how combining the power of the Moon and tarot can benefit your readings and bring a different energy to them every month.

Discover the positive impact connecting to the great outdoors without leaving home can have on your health and wellbeing – from the plants to buy, to the inspiring, yet simple, home decor, paint colours and soft furnishings that have been scientifically proven to lower stress, boost immunity and lift your mood.

We also celebrate Beltane on May 1st by looking at how connecting with your ancestors can benefit you in the present and future.

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Spirit & Destiny May 2022