Spirit & Destiny June 2021

Who doesn’t fancy the sound of tearing up that to do list, throwing it in the air and just going with the flow for a change?

‘Oh no,’ I hear you cry, ‘what about the five-year plan and carefully plotted time scale?’

But what if ditching all that could be the answer to achieving what you want in life?

Sounds scary, surrendering control, however, in this issue we show you how doing just that could be the answer to finally reaching those goals that planning for has never helped you achieve.

We also look at how working with the energy of the summer solstice can help with self-empowerment and enable you to feel renewed and inspired.

Speaking of feeling inspired, we chat with two readers who were Divinely guided to their jobs and turn the spotlight on the spiritual influencers taking social media by storm.

Now surely, after all of that, your first priority has to be reading this month’s issue from cover to cover!

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Spirit & Destiny June 2021