Spirit & Destiny January 2022

Our bumper issue features an in-depth look at your stars for the year ahead, including what 2022 has in store for your relationships, finances and career.

Plus, our new seven-part astrology series will take a look at the seven planets shaping your life.

We show you how to effortlessly manifest your dreams this year with expert Emma Mumford, and reveal the five simple steps that will ensure your new year’s resolutions stick for good in 2022.

Transformational coach Brita Fernandez Schmidt is also here to guide you through finding your purpose and following your true path for a more meaningful life.

We also meet Lucy Pemberton-Platt who, in 2009, started a New Year’s Day ritual that has boosted her finances, brought career success and found her love. We hope 2022 has all this, and more, waiting for you too.

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Spirit & Destiny January 2022