Spirit & Destiny August 2022

Get set for your best spiritual summer ever! From self-care tips that will benefit you and the planet, to vibration-rising UK holiday destinations and tips for every star sign on staying cool in the heat.

We share our enchanting beauty rituals for every age, bringing together the power of magic and nature to benefit you inside and out. Plus explore the ayurvedic principles you can work with that will take care of you and Planet Earth.

With people jetting off all over the place on holiday, we also look at the growing community of ‘grid keepers’ who help care for and heal the planet’s chakras, and show you how you can play your part, too.

If you’re trying to plan a last-minute getaway, take a look at our pick of the places in the UK to visit if you fancy a spiritual pilgrimage. We also meet Tim Whild, whose mission – given to him by Archangel Michael – is to share the magical teachings of the lost city of Atlantis.

This month also marks the start of a new six-part series looking at how you can forge a deep connection with the natural world and the benefits you’ll reap.

And if you do fancy spending some time indoors with your feet up, then check out spiritanddestiny.co.uk where we can help you find what you’re looking for, from the best yoga pants and mats, to the perfect pillow and gifts for every star sign.

Spirit & Destiny August 2022