Yours Special: Royal Romance


80 years of royal romances

Exploring the love stories of the Queen and her family 

It’s 80 years since a young Princess Elizabeth first laid eyes on the man who would prove to be her rock throughout her reign. We look back at their romance, the good times, the difficulties they’ve faced and how the strength of their bond has helped them - not only as monarch and consort but also as the heads of the most famous family in the world. We also explore the other royal love stories over the past 80 years; those that faltered and those that blossomed.

We look at the romances that shook the monarchy such as Edward and Mrs Simpson or Princess Margaret and Captain Townsend. We celebrate all the royal weddings of the past 80 years; looking at the ceremonies, the dresses, flowers, guests and how traditions have changed. 

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Yours Special: Royal Romance