RiDE January 2022

Welcome to the January issue of RiDE.

It’s been a brilliant end to the biking year; the weather’s been mild, the roads have been dry and as I write this in late November, only now does it feel like winter is closing in. Although I’m still riding when I can, like many of us, my thoughts can’t help but turn to next year, especially when it comes to buying a new bike.

No magazine loves a deal as much as RiDE does and it is with this in mind that I got so inspired by Jim Moore’s Depreciation Busters 2022 feature. Buying a bike brand new and riding away from the showroom is a wonderous thing if you’re lucky enough to be able to experience it, but there is also something compelling about buying a cleverly-chosen used machine knowing that you’re going to lose very little over the next year — or even end up making money out of it.

So I’m finally moving on my classic R1 to get something I can enjoy and hopefully make money on, too. My heart says a tidy, low-mileage Ducati Multistrada 1100S but Jim makes such a good case for all the bikes, I want one of each. Turn to page 40 if you need a fantasy buying dilemma — dreaming about a new bike is a great way to get through winter.

Enjoy the mag

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RiDE January 2022