RiDE August 2021

There is no getting away from the fact that owning a second (or third, or fourth) bike is a big commitment, but that doesn’t stop thousands of us doing it – and our own reader research shows that the average RiDE reader owns 1.89 bikes. So, we got together with a bunch of multi-bike-owning RiDE readers to find out the trials, tribulations and joys of owning a second bike. It makes for interesting – and inspirational reading. Remember, there is always room for one more…

But there is plenty of other useful stuff in here, too. We’ve sweated ourselves to bits to determine the best, most comfy summer base layers, tested Harley’s new GS-rivalling Pan America and pitched the old BMW RT against the tech-packed new one.

If you’re up for a ride this month, it’s worth checking out our touring features, too. RiDE reader Andy Freeman shows us his favourite Scottish route in the Cairngorms (and wins a free set of tyres in the process) and our riding guide to The Mendips makes you want to nick off work and head straight there – especially as the routes are available to download for free at

There’s loads in here for you, not matter what bike you ride, or your taste in biking.

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RiDE August 2021