Practical Sportsbikes Digital issue July 2018

In this month's digital issue of Practical Sportsbikes, you will find:
  • Special Build of the Year: Your winner the three-cylinder RD550LC in all its glory. Subtle, exacting and ingenious, this bike is on another level
  • Taffy Dakar Rally: PS's trail riding team proudly demonstrate their utter ineptitude in deepest South Wales
  • Special Brew: Suzuki’s Bandit 1200 is always a good start point for a special – none quite so special as this
  • 30 Years of the RC30: The full story of one of HRC’s finest creations by the people who built it, rode it, and restore it
  • VJMC Show Dublin: “It’s work,” say Jim and Gary as they trot off to the Emerald Isle. 900 pints of Guinness later...
  • DT50MX Resto: Father and son team up to transform a very manky Yamaha into miniature gem
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Practical Sportsbikes Digital issue July 2018