Practical Photography September 2019


In this issue of Practical Photography:

Create your own style - Make your photography truly stand out from the crowd with our easy five-step guide to finding your style, from determining your goals and seeking inspiration to honing your methods and experimenting.

Reader showcase - Primary school teacher Jay Birmingham lives a double-life as a landscape photographer with an obsession for locations dripping with mood and atmosphere.

Know your stuff - This month’s Q&A topics include ‘analogue’ camera hacks, dust inside lenses, best cameras for travel, colour management, editing software and much more.  

Camera School - Module 3 dives into the world of street photography and looks at how reflections can be used to give your shots greater interest and impact. Sign up here.

Get into gear - Fujifilm’s ‘cheapest ever’ medium-format GFX 100 breaks the 100MP ceiling, Sony’s 600mm f/4 and 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 lenses take to the sports field, and seven sub-£100 editing suites battle it out for software supremacy.

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Practical Photography September 2019