Practical Photography March 2020

In this issue of Practical Photography:

Free gifts

Watch 75 minutes of all-new videos, with features on macro, portrait hacks and essential camera settings; add colours and tones with 30 street-style presets for Photoshop, Lightroom and Affinity; and use our snow brush to winterise your shots.  

Get the best from your lenses

Use focal length to improve your shots with this huge guide to the five main lens types and how you can harness your lenses’ full potential. From ultra wide-angles to super telephotos, this is essential reading for every enthusiast.  

Creative macro shots

See the world in a whole new way with this trio of fun small-scale photo projects. We’ll show you how to identify a subject, set the scene and select the best camera settings for each.

Know your stuff

Deliberate lens flair, blurry backgrounds, and full-frame lenses on APS-C cameras are just three of the many reader questions we answer in this fascinating Q&A lens special.

The edit

Create artistic pet portraits by adding interesting overlays, reduce noise with three simple editing techniques, and use our free raindrop overlay to fake a winter window effect.  

Important news!

Due to overwhelming customer feedback and our commitment to reducing unnecessary packaging, subscription copies of Practical Photography will feature a download link only for access to all multimedia content, and not a CD.
This change will take effect from this issue.

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Practical Photography March 2020