Practical Photography Digital issue August 2018

In this month's digital issue of Practical Photography, you will find:
  • Capture perfect summer portraits - From cute newborns and cheeky toddlers to happy family gatherings, this in-depth guide will help you shoot memorable photos of those special moments.
  • Get creative with mirrors - Add a surreal twist to your landscapes, portraits and still life with three fun camera projects that will make your audience look twice.
  • Know your stuff - What GDPR means for you, the retro world of rangefinders, TTL flash explained, superzooms vs DSLRs, the best way to change a lens, and shooting film.

Find all this and more in the latest digital issue of Practical Photography.

Available to download on:

  • Android devices (please note: Kindle Fire is not supported)
  • Apple devices
Practical Photography Digital issue August 2018