Practical Photography December 2019

In this issue of Practical Photography:

The latest issue of Practical Photography is on its way! As always, it’s packed with loads of new photo skills and projects to keep you motivated and inspired…

Free gifts:

Enjoy our new-look disc/download with a fascinating photo tour of Chernobyl, choose from 30 autumn-themed presets, download our 66-page ‘Camera Know-how’ ebook, and more!

A practical guide to long exposures:

Master this hugely popular landscape technique with our hands-on how-to guide to the gear, skills and ideas you’ll need to blur the elements. Includes insight from award-winning pro Ross Hoddinott.

Control light with creative flash:

Take your flashgun off camera and try our trio of fun projects designed to get you started in minutes. From freezing water droplets to film noir portraits, you’ll be surprised by how easy flash can be.

Reader showcase:

Jonny Henchman is obsessed with motorsports and spends every spare hour traveling the UK in search of high-octane action. Here he shares his insights and explains why spectator areas sometimes offer the best

The final module of this year’s record-breaking course celebrates Halloween in style with a look at creating your own spooky ghost. Upload your spectral homework here.

The edit:

Paint light for better low-light exposures, discover three ways to add sharpness, create long exposures without ND filters, enhance gritty details, and use your free autumn presets.

Get into gear:

Fuji’s X-T30 and Sony’s A6400 go head to head in the battle of the travel CSCs, we choose the nine best tripods for landscapes, travel and macro, and the five best 10-stop drop-in ND filters state their cases.

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Practical Photography December 2019