MOJO: The Collectors’ Series: Mod Icons bundle

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: MOD ICONS – Part One THE WHO

MOJO is delighted to present the first of two deluxe bookazines, bringing together its finest writing on The Who and The Kinks.

Of the many groups associated with the mid-’60s Mod era, only two went on to achieve enduring international success: The Who and The Kinks. Both had much in common, beginning life playing R&B in the rowdy dancehalls of London, before working tirelessly in the ’70s to win huge followings in America with powerful concept albums and stage performances. Both groups had a troubled songwriting genius at their core – Pete Townshend in The Who; Ray Davies in The Kinks – and incredibly eventful careers, crammed with rock’n’roll excess, band bust-ups, on-stage meltdowns and, of course, myriad moments of pure musical greatness.

This first issue of Mod Icons focuses on the self-proclaimed ’Orrible ’Oo, charting their amazing journey from My Generation’s explosive proto-rock in 1965, right up to Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey’s successful incarnation of the band today. In between you’ll find details of their colourful early Pop Art phase, the extraordinary tales behind their mega-selling concept albums Tommy and Quadrophenia, a touching profile of showboating drummer Keith Moon – who died tragically in 1978 – the little-documented story of the group’s tempestuous 1980s and ’90s, and much more besides.

The magazine’s 132 stylishly designed pages – filled with in-depth features and exclusive interviews collected from MOJO’s extensive archives – are illustrated with dozens of rare and iconic photographs, ensuring it’s an essential purchase for all serious music fans.

THE WHO is available in shops and to order online from April 7, 2022.

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: MOD ICONS – Part Two THE KINKS

The follow-up issue turns the spotlight on The Who’s fellow Brit rock greats The Kinks, documenting Ray Davies and the band’s turbulent career and later solo ventures. Starting with The Kinks all but inventing heavy rock with You Really Got Me in 1964, it follows their career as they quickly evolve into “the quintessential English group” with bittersweet pop singles such as Sunny Afternoon, Dead End Street and Waterloo Sunset. The focus then switches to the group’s chequered 1970s, their glory years playing American arenas in the ’80s, and the fall-out after their 1996 split. All with lashings of sibling rivalry between Ray and Dave Davies, and oodles of added intra-band larks and strife.

          THE KINKS is available from May 5, 2022.


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MOJO: The Collectors’ Series: Mod Icons bundle