MOJO The Collectors' Series: Bob Dylan Essentials

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: Bob Dylan Essentials

MOJO’s definitive guide to Bob Dylan’s albums, songs, films and books.


Earlier this summer, Bob Dylan released his 40th studio album, Shadow Kingdom, crowning an extraordinary career stretching back to his self-titled debut LP in 1962. In the intervening years Dylan would revolutionise music in a way few would have dared to imagine, mixing Beat poetry, The Beatles, folk, blues and rock on his mid-’60s ‘electric trilogy’, going country on 1969’s Nashville Skyline, and hitting a singer-songwriter peak with Blood On The Tracks in the mid-’70s. And he kept going, seeking inspiration in religion at the turn of the ’80s, enjoying a welcome critical renaissance in the ’90s with the careworn Time Out Of Mind, and even in recent years recording three albums celebrating the work of Frank Sinatra.


Navigating such a vast body of work, swelled by no fewer than 17 instalments of his official Bootleg Series of outtakes and live recordings, can be a daunting prospect – which is where MOJO Bob Dylan Essentials comes in. Written by our team of Dylan experts, this deluxe 132-page bookazine guides readers through every one of the artist’s releases, song by song, while also recommending the finest Bob Dylan films and books.


Illustrated with album artwork and rare and iconic photographs, Bob Dylan Essentials is a must-have purchase for all music fans.


Order your copy today, or better still, take out a subscription to MOJO Collectors' Series.

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MOJO The Collectors' Series: Bob Dylan Essentials