MOJO ’60s Vol. 5 – David Bowie

Inside the MOJO ’60s Vol. 5 – The David Bowie Special: The latest volume of MOJO’s ’60s-centric spin-off luxuriates in stories from rock’s foundational decade. Treats include the birth of David Bowie, The Who’s annus mirabilis, Ska landing in Britain and The MC5 at their freak-flag-flying peak. PLUS George Martin, Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James, The Monkees, Ronnie Spector, The Band, Tropicalia, The Stones AND pull-out ace face art prints featuring Bowie and Steve Marriott.

  • - Receive 2 quality art prints featuring Steve Marriott & David Bowie.
  • - David Bowie, his resistible rise, read about his journey from bequeathed sax man in The Kon-Rads to the brink of hippie fame. (20-page Special).
  • - MC5 take New York, or rather, don’t, as the Detroit rock firebrands’ plan to take the revolution to the Big Apple falls foul of local drug dealers. Oops.
  • - The Awesome Howlin' Wolf - The full story of the big man of the blues by former MOJO Editor and blues connoisseur Paul Trynka.
  • - The Who make 1965 their own - From R&B covers band to Modernist visionaries in 12 months of pop art antics.
  • - MOJO '60s pin-ups section - featuring Sandie Shaw, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Soft Machine and more.

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