MOJO 60s: VOL 8 - Leonard Cohen

Inside MOJO ’60s Vol. 8 – The Leonard Cohen Special. The latest instalment of MOJO’s ’60s-focused spin-off periodical stars a 24-page Leonard Cohen cover story saluting the folk-poet’s iconoclastic 1967 debut album. Other treats include a Ready Steady Go! colour special, The Byrds’ Gene Clark taking flight and The Isley Brothers’ journey into deep funk. PLUS The Bee Gees, David Axelrod, The Doors, Jacques Brel, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Anne Briggs and pull-out art prints of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

This edition also includes:
Two quality pull-out art prints of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell
n Leonard Cohen’s birth as rock’s greatest poet in New York in 1967, and the people who helped make it happen.
The inside story of Ready Steady Go!, featuring The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Ike & Tina Turner, Dusty Springfield and more.
The Isley Brothers and their transformation from harmony vocal group to Motown hit-makers to political funk warriors.
The Byrds’ Gene Clark – the group’s finest songwriter but worst, and unluckiest, party animal.
David Axelrod escapes a life of drugs and violence on LA’s streets to become music’s hippest, most sampled producer.
MOJO ’60s’ legendary Pin-Ups section, with iconic images of Rod Stewart, The Small Faces, Georgie Fame, PP Arnold and more!

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