Mojo 286: September 2017 - Sex Pistols

IN SUMMER 1977, the Sex Pistols were on the run – hounded by knife-wielding gangs and harried by the establishment, but by the end of the year they’d struck a blow for artistic freedom that would ring down the decades. This issue of MOJO revisits punk’s apogee and delivers a 15-track FREE CD of punk rock scorchers, featuring The Damned, Vibrators, Adverts, Television Personalities and more. Also in the issue: the rise & fall of The Allman Brothers; the last days of Marc Bolan; the wit and wisdom of Randy Newman; Alice Cooper’s personality crisis; the legend of Bright Phoebus. Plus: inside the Morrissey biopic; Steve Winwood goes EDM (WTF?); Can are born; Anita Pallenberg passes on; new albums by Queens Of The Stone Age, Arcade Fire, The War On Drugs, The Fall, Steven Wilson and many many more.

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