MOJO 290: January 2018 - The Jam + The Best Of 2017

An irresistible package in this issue as MOJO presents the rise of the Jam – the inspiring early days of their ascent to Mod magnificence. The Jam’s evergreen icon, Paul Weller, also plays a key part in MOJO’s Review Of The Year, which stars our 50 Best Albums Of 2017 and regular round-up of star recommendations, The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year. Our FREE CD is our ever-popular Best Of The Year sampler, with tracks from MOJO’s favourite albums of 2017, by artists including Weller, The War On Drugs, Sparks, Nadia Reid, Hurray For The Riff Raff and more. Also in the issue: Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel Of Love, 30 years on; Josh Homme in the MOJO Interview; the debt we owe Fats Domino; the incredible story of the late-blooming Robert Finley. Plus! Arcade Fire; Captain Beefheart; The Edge on the new U2 album; and The Mummies: rock’s freakiest band, back from the undead!

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