MOJO: U2 - April 2017

MOJO's April 2017 issue 281 delivers the surprise story of the moment: U2’s decision to take The Joshua Tree on the road, 30 years since their 5th studio album conquered the world. Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam remember the death threats and tequila madness, and explore the dark parallels between 1987 and 2017, while our 15-track FREE CD, featuring Julie Byrne, The Gun Club, Meat Puppets, Lift To Experience and more, is the soundtrack to the ultimate American road trip.

Also inside: The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn sings like a canary, Woody Woodmansey relives Ziggy Mania, The Last Poets shoot it out with the KKK and Hurray For The Riff Raff hit a peak. Plus! How Jim Dickinson took the Rolling Stones downhome, when Wilson Pickett went bananas… and 147 reviews.

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