MOJO June 2023 - SOLD OUT


MOJO 355 – June 2023: Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground 

THIS MONTH IN MOJO MAGAZINE: the 50 Greatest Songs Of The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed solo, from saturnine psychedelic masterpieces to gritty street hassles, from feedback flameouts to doo-wop soul poetry – including the madness and mastery of Lou’s *Berlin LP, 50 years on. Also in this issue: the Beatles’ insane 1963, in depth, by John Harris; the junkie genius of Judee Sill; Paul Simonon – World’s Coolest Man. Plus: Jason Isbell; The Chambers Brothers; Boygenius; Tinariwen; BC Camplight; Julie Tippetts; Wayne Shorter; Dexys; and Neil Young & The Ducks, redux! 

THIS MONTH’S COVERMOUNT CD is a 15-track Velvet Underground Companion to blow your mind, starring Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico, Bo Diddley, Olatunji, Luna, Spiritualized, Ornette Coleman and the Velvets themselves!

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MOJO June 2023 - SOLD OUT