Modern Classics March 2020

Naturally aspirated six-cylinder engines, manual gearboxes and rear-wheel drive; a combination that's written into sports car folklore, but now increasingly uncommon thanks to downsizing. By the mid 00s the template was at its peak with the Porsche Cayman S, BMW Z4 M Coupe and the Nissan 350Z. Today they'll never be cheaper, but which one sizzles the synapses best? We head to Derbyshire's finest roads to find out.

We take a French hot hatchback turn next, but not in the way you'd perhaps expect. While the Clio and Megane have passed into Renault hot hatch folklore, the much revered (in its day) 19 16v has dwindled from more than 4000 to double-digit survivors. We explain why this forgotten gem should be saved.
Keeping it hot hatch themed, we say goodbye to Honda UK by taking a JDM-specification Honda Civic Type R EP3 on the route from Southampton back to Swindon via some great driving roads. Do the tweaks and special bits in the JDM make the difference over UK cars? We find out.

Next we celebrate the Great Estates at an actual great estate (Grimsthorpe Castle, to be precise). These noble family holdalls might not have the sporty allure of the hotter elements of the range, but they were our portals to the world outside before the internet. Here we celebrate these mobile amphitheatres of family life, including the Volvo 240, Audi 100, Mercedes-Benz W124, Ford Sierra, BMW E30 and Citroen CX. 
PLUS: How to buy the best Skoda Octavia VRS, columns from Jethro Bovingdon, Tiff Needell and Keith Adams, plus why the Suzuki Ignis is the 'bigness' right now.

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