Land Rover Owner June 2022

Land Rovers have always made great work trucks, but what can you do with one at the end of its service life? How about give it a makeover and turn it into an overlander? That’s exactly what Dave King has done with his old workhorse and its ready to begin its new life.

But Land Rovers don’t need to be old and tired to be modified – they can be upgraded when almost new, as we find with Twisted’s £270,000 electric Defender. Doors that shut perfectly on a classic Defender? This one has them…

At the other end of the financial scale, we’ve student Ben Walker’s great Series II – bought for £1000 and rebuilt on a budget. It’s not concours, but it does go to show that you don’t have to be minted to have a nice Land Rover.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a lush greenlaning run through north Norfolk, we explore the Pindos mountains in Greece, look at the main problem areas on the Freelander 1 and 2, fit a roll cage to our Defender 90, show the tools needed to build a basic tool kit, bring you 29 new products, and much more…

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Land Rover Owner June 2022