Improve Your Coarse Fishing issue 326

In Improve Your Coarse Fishing issue 326, we've picked out 30 great rigs for a fish-filled summer. Can you learn to tie them all?   Plus, you'll find:

Top Tactics
- Catch carp from under your feet with Mark Pollard
- Three easy steps to catching canal slabs
- Bag up on silvers with a whip
- Kevin Durman’s top tench rig
- Flavour your floats for more bites!
- Why you can’t afford to ignore meat
- Tommy Pickering: Pellet waggler masterclass

Improve Your Carp Fishing
- Floater fishing edges
- Learn to tie the ultimate big carp rig
- Sticky’s team of expert solve your carping problems

New Gear
- Wychwood Extricator 5000FD
- Live Tests: Preston Innovations 11ft Monster Pellet Waggler rod & FishSpy marker float
- Buyers’ Guide to Floater Fishing rods

Fishery guides
We’ve got another eight fantastic fishery guides for you to cut-out and add to your collection.

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