Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 386

Master the waggler on running water

Many anglers reckon they aren’t good enough to score with the float on rivers. Hadrian Whittle, however, promises that it is actually much easier than you think. He talks us through the rigs and tackle he uses and how to feed a swim for maximum success.

Go back to basics when the odds are against you

We join experienced match anger Lee Newson on the banks of Alders Farm where he explains why a simply wag and mag approach will outscore everything else when trying to get bites in freezing cold conditions.

Succeed on the UK’s best predator venue

Dan Brackley is hooked on fishing the Norfolk Broads, hailed as the pike Mecca of the UK. He details how you too can enjoy some fantastic sport with lures on this extraordinary water system.

Fish better with Des Shipp

In his column this month, Des focuses on stillwater roach, revealing his top tips for the species and three great rigs to try.

Live test

This month we get out with Shakespeare’s brand new SKP Concept 10ft Light Feeder rod and put it through its paces during a chub fishing session on the River Nene.

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 386