Improve Your Coarse Fishing 384

The search for bigger perch

Light lure fishing supremo Mat Woods details the three key styles of retrieve he relies on when targeting perch. These can be used on lakes, rivers and canals, so wherever you’re chasing perch this winter, make sure you have them in your armoury.

Pack a flavour punch for barbel
We join Shakespeare’s Nathan Leney on one of the country’s most pressured barbel swims to find out more about how he uses strong flavours to ensure the fish can’t resist his hookbait.

Tame wild rivers with a waggler

When faced with a rising river, most anglers will automatically reach for their feeder fish gear. Are they missing a trick, though? Running water expert Darren Cox certainly thinks so as he proves how deadly waggler fishing can be in this unlikely scenario.

Expert predictions for 2022

Angling has seen plenty of changes and new trends in recent years. So, what will the next 12 months have in store for our sport? To find out, we’ve picked the brains of a range of experts from across the industry.

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing 384