Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 381

Pick a fish-filled peg every time

While reservoirs can undoubtedly offer some fantastic sport, the prospect of actually locating the fish in one of these vast venues can be daunting.

This month, we join Daiwa’s Hadrian Whittle at the 400-plus acre Llandegfedd Reservoir to find out how he ensures that he’s always in a peg that’s going to keep his tip pulling round all day long.

Beat the tiddlers

We’d all love a mixed bag of decent sized fish wouldn’t we? The trouble is, most baits which appeal to range of species – maggots, corn, casters etc – tend to result in lots and lots of tiny fish pulling your float under.

Lincolnshire all-rounder, Phil Taylor, has a bait up his sleeve, however, that helps him pick out the bigger stamp of fish.

Carry on casting to spark a feeding frenzy

It’s no secret that regular recasting is often the key to success when fishing the Method feeder. According to Glen Picton, though, the difference between recasting every two minutes as opposed to every five minutes can make a substantial difference to your catch rate over the course of a session.

Catch specimen carp on nothing but carp

A tin of sweetcorn is often added to an angler’s spod mix to add a bit of visual attraction. But how many of you have fished with nothing but sweetcorn when targeting specimen carp? IYCF editor, James Furness, looks at why we should put more faith in this classic offering rather than using it as just an accompaniment to other baits.

Bargain barbel rods

We’re entering the prime time of year for catching barbel right now. If you’ve never targeted this running water powerhouse of a species then you’re missing out! This month we’ve picked out five cracking barbel rods which cost less than £80 and will cover everything from fishing small backwaters to wide and powerful rivers such as the Trent. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself kitted out and get barbeling!

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 381