Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 380

Give carp nowhere to hide
Graham West proves that you don’t need a plethora of top kits and various rod and reel set-ups to investigate your swim. He runs through the only two rigs you need to thoroughly explore every inch of your swim and find out exactly where the carp are holding up.

On a roll with barbel and chub

We join top all-rounder Chris Ponsford on one of his favourite river stretches where he demonstrates how a simple approach is often best when it comes to catching barbel and chub.

There’s not a bolt rig or bite alarm in sight as he relies on nothing more than a big hook and a piece of meat.

Groundbait for the margins

How much thought do you give to the colour of groundbait you use when fishing in the margins for carp? Tony Curd believes it’s an aspect a lot of anglers neglect to really think about and it could be hindering their results. He explains how fine tuning your groundbait to suit the lakebed type and water clarity conditions could really help your catches stand out from those around you.

Say goodbye to tangles on the feeder

Fishing the feeder in deep water throws up a number of challenges, with the rig tangling as it falls through the water being one of the main issues.

Thankfully, Nick Speed has a set-up that never fails to produce the goods when feeder fishing for bream on deep reservoirs.

Margin pole buyers guide

This month we’ve picked out 12 great poles starting from just £99.99 that are designed specifically for catching hard fighting carp close to the bank.

Order your copy today, or better still, take out a subscription to IYCF Magazine.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 380