Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 379

The fun way to a netful

We join top match angler Sarah Taylor at Mere Lane Fishery for a thoroughly enjoyable session putting together a mixed bag on the whip.

The tactic is so simple that anglers of any ability can have a great day out using it, whether they’ve been fishing for years or only just started.

Ring the changes to bag up shallow

Fishing just inches below the surface is a super effective way of catching big carp in summer on the pole. However, as Pemb Wrighting demonstrates it’s important to mix up your feeding routines to prevent the carp from wising up to your approach.

Ditch the feeder for bream in weedy rivers

For many anglers, the feeder is their go to choice when setting out their stall on a river for a big bag of bream. On weedier waterways, though, switching to a waggler will actually give you a far better presentation and improve your catch rate. As we found out when we met up with top all-rounder Phil Taylor on one his local Lincolnshire rivers for a slab-filled session.

IYCF chats to… The Winning Ways team

The guys at Winning Ways produce some of the most popular fishing content on YouTube, racking up more that 7 million views over the last few years.

We recently joined them on the bank while they were filming a new challenge episode to find out more about what makes their content popular.

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 379