Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 375

The No.1 bait for big carp action

According to Andy May, if you want to cash in on the spring feed up, there’s only one bait that will ensure you’re attached to a big carp every time your float goes under.
We joined him on the bank of Staffordshire’s Curborough Fishery to find out exactly what this bait is and how he fishes it.

Brighten up your groundbait

Groundbait is a staple bait on the sidetray of any angler targeting silvers as it’s the ideal bait for laying down a carpet of feed to hold a shoal of feeding fish in your swim. Lottie Wilson reveals how you can make this classic loosefeed even more attractive by adding a dash of colour to your mix.

Time to tackle up for tench

If you’ve set your sights on bagging a personal best tench this year, then you’ll definitely want to have a read of Rob Thompson’s feature. He details the rig he puts in faith in and covers several other key factors to take into account when chasing specimen tincas.

Buyers guide to all-round feeder rods

There’s rod made for almost every possible angling scenario these days. And the feeder fishing branch of the sport is no different, with short 8ft-9ft rods for tackling snake lakes through to longer distance feeder models for casting big distances on large natural waters. But what if you don’t want to shell out for multiple rods and would rather just have one rod that does pretty much everything? Well, you’re in luck, as we’ve picked out 12 fantastic all-round feeder rods for a range of budgets.

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 375