Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 365

Get the new river season off to a flier!

If you’re a fan of running water venues, we’ve got some great content for you this month. Jordan Holloway details a memorable session targeting silvers on the River Trent and looks at the baiting approach which proved successful, big fish hunter Phil Taylor reveals his top tips for a range of different species and Des Shipp shows you how to tie his five favourite rigs.

Sizzling sport on the shallow waggler

We asked Andy May what his favourite tactic was and then got him to give us a demonstration so you can do it too! If you enjoy keeping busy and catching a mixed bag you’ll definitely want to give the shallow waggler a try.

Try the ‘T’ Method for crucians

Specimen ace, Mike Lyddon looks at the crafty hookbait arrangement he uses when targeting big crucians with Method feeder tactics.

On-the-bank test

IYCF’s Tony Grigorjevs has been out and given Preston Innovations’ new sub-£200 Edge Monster Margin Pole a good testing.

Mission spotlight

This month we’ve got some great tips and advice to help you accomplish the Specimen Barbel Daiwa Mission badge.

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 365