Improve Your Coarse Fishing issue 355

In this issue of Improve Your Coarse FIshing:

  • It’s time to master meat

There are several baits that really come into their own at certain times of the year. Right now, meat takes some beating for carp on commercials. If you’ve never tried this bait before we’ve enlisted the help of England under-20 international, Rob Swan, to detail the rigs and tactics to get the best out of this awesome offering.

  • Five pellets no barbel can resist

It’s no secret that barbel adore pellets. But as big fish expert Dai Gribble explains, the size and type of pellet you use in a certain situation can make a huge different to your catch rate. He reveals the five pellets that he wouldn’t dream of going barbel fishing without.

  • Crack the crucian feeding code

Crucians are a notoriously finicky species, and one wrong move can spell disaster. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of anglers make when targeting crucians is how they feed their swim. Thankfully, Andy Lewis has the solution to ensure you’re float keeps going under all day long.

  • Short range bream action

When fishing large waters for bream it can be tempting to cast your feeder as far as possible. But as Adam Rumble proves, you can catch a netful a lot closer to the bank than you might think.

  • New gear

This month we get out on the bank with Preston Innovation’s new Response XS50 pole, take a look at the impressive range of products on offer from Evolved Baits and detail 11 of the best 9ft bomb rods for a range of budgets.

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing issue 355