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Our horoscope magazines bring you everything you need to know for the near-future. Providing you detailed monthly horoscopes, magic and spells, true psychic stories plus more!

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Fate & Fortune

The UK’s top selling mag for all your psychic and spooky reads. Take a Break's Fate & Fortune is a must-have mystic mag featuring spine-chilling true-life stories and horoscopes, plus advice from the UK's top mediums and psychics.
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Spirit & Destiny

If you're a big astrology fan, then our Spirit & Destiny magazine may just be for you. Filled with magical features on feng shui, psychic matters, health & fitness as well as 7 pages of detailed monthly horoscopes to guide you through the month.
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About our Horoscope magazines

Our horoscope magazines include top sellers such as Spirit & Destiny, full of amazing articles covering feng shui, magic and psychic matters, monthly horoscopes from top astrologist David Wells, plus news on health and fitness. Take a Break's Fate & Fortune magazine includes spooky and psychic true life stores, tried and tested ghost hunts, expert advice from the UK's favourite mediums - including Sally Morgan, Gordon Smith and Derek Acorah, as well as detailed horoscopes from world renowned astrologer Justin Toper!

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